La valse des milliards autour des innovations militaires

Balles automotrices, missiles hypersoniques, soldats équipés de biocapteurs et de robots. La nouvelle course aux armements commence dans les laboratoires technologiques. Les pays occidentaux y allouent des milliards et font les yeux doux aux start-ups pour doter leurs armées des innovations de pointe. La Belgique est dans la course. Mais l’ambition de l’Europe de prendre … Read more

Research, innovation and brains to remember: Nancy shake up!

Research innovation and brains to remember Nancy shake up

Nancy Brabois CHRU – Photo Creative Commons While the filing of files to obtain the creation of a university hospital institute is planned for November 2022, Nancy decision-makers are wondering: go there or not? After the failure in 2010 when the calls for projects falling within the framework of investments for the future and making … Read more

IOTA collaborates with the Japanese national R&D agency NEDO

IOTA collaborates with the Japanese national RD agency NEDO

IOTA joins a project launched by leading Japanese support companies, Best Materia and IMC, have announced IOTA officials on October 27. The project is funded by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, a national research and development agency under Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. A tweet from the official IOTA account … Read more

SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM: the National School of Mechanics and Microtechnology on the way to new horizons

The National School of Mechanics and Microtechnology is taking a new turn in its long history. With the creation of its SUPMICROTECH brand, the 120-year-old school intends to make (re)known its know-how of excellence in microtechnology. New ambitions built on 3 major pillars: a rich history in synergy with its territory, academic excellence and innovation … Read more

Understanding the nuances of cough

A Quebec researcher has embarked on a cough hunt to identify patients with tuberculosis, COVID-19 or other, by analyzing the nuances in the sound of their cough. Dr. Simon Grandjean-Lapierre, microbiologist-infectiologist at the CHUM Research Center, is one of the international researchers developing this discipline known as “acoustic epidemiology”. The goal is to bring an … Read more

Éric Salobir, National Digital Council: “AI must be at the service of a social project with the human being at the center” – ToulÉco

Eric Salobir, why the National Digital Council [1] did he go to Toulouse last week? For several months, we have undertaken to tour the territories to take stock of research activities in France in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). In Toulouse, there is one of the three French hubs dedicated to AI. We conducted … Read more

PlayStation: here are 10 excellent video games for beginners on PS4 and PS5

PlayStation here are 10 excellent video games for beginners on

Have you just acquired a PS4 or a PS5 but you don’t know what to play? Here are some games that will be perfect for all beginners. Buying your first console is an event that is easily remembered. If many gamers have experienced it a few years ago, even many years for some, others are … Read more

Scammer Runs Crypto Scam With Elon Musk Deepfake

It’s going to take a lot more convincing than that to fool the entire internet… but AI is advancing at high speed and it may only be a matter of time. So far, deepfakes have yet to spark the misinformation apocalypse that some observers anticipated when the technology exploded. But some tech-savvy scammers continue to … Read more

Google dvoile son IA gnratrice d’images par le texte baptise Imagen et affirme qu’il est meilleur que DALL-E 2 d’OpenAI

1653548889 Google devoile son IA generatrice dimages par le texte baptisee

Il y a une nouvelle tendance en vogue dans l’IA : les gnrateurs d’image par le texte; alimentez ces programmes avec le texte que vous aimez et ils gnreront des images remarquablement prcises qui correspondent cette description. Le monde de l’IA cherche toujours grer l’incroyable dmonstration de prouesses qu’apporte la capacit de DALL-E 2 dessiner … Read more