Huawei launches PowerPOD 3.0, a new generation of power supply system

DONGGUANChina, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During Huawei’s Next Generation Data Center Launch Event, Fei Zhenfu, CTO of Huawei’s Data Center Team, introduced a new generation of power supply solution, PowerPOD 3.0. Through deep technology innovation and component convergence, the solution optimizes the layout and creates a worry-free data center power system that saves space, … Read more

Accelerating the Orderly Delivery of 5G Spectrum for Sustainable ICT Industry and Harmonious Ecosystem

As an essential foundation of digital development, 5G technologies will integrate advanced digital technologies such as edge computing, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, providing new methods, paths and ideas for the digital transformation of the economy and society. The commercial development of 5G will also profoundly affect the … Read more

When artificial intelligence helps you to pass a job interview

(ETX Daily Up) – As part of the Grow with Google initiative, the American giant has just released the “Interview Warmup” tool to train the general public for job interviews. This novelty, based on an artificial intelligence and able to ask questions related to the coveted position and to formulate advice according to the answers … Read more

Austria wants to fight against deepfakes as this technology is increasingly used

Austria wants to fight against deepfakes as this technology is

The Austrian government published on Wednesday (25 May) an action plan to combat “deep fakes”, with the aim of better combating misinformation and hate speech. Several pieces of legislation also aim to tackle this growing problem at European level. The rise of digital, which has been accelerated by the pandemic, is leading to a rapid … Read more

The self-driving car is still failing

The self driving car is still failing

A recent study by theAmerican Automobile Association (AAA) warns against the failures of the autonomous car which, according to the organization, are numerous. This finding was made after thereview of several of semi-autonomous vehicles available currently on the market, in this case, those of Hyundai, Subaru and Tesla. In particular, it appears that when a … Read more

Google Cloud launches its cloud region in Madrid with more than 600 million investment – Benin News

Google Cloud launches its cloud region in Madrid with more

It will create 10,000 jobs PARIS, May 25 (Benin News) – Google Cloud launched its cloud region in Madrid on Wednesday, the first in Southern Europe for the firm, a project framed in an investment of 650 million dollars (609 million euros) committed in the country. The company estimates that the region, dubbed Europe South … Read more

Wall Street : le rebond se poursuit grâce aux technos et au retail

( — La Bourse de New York poursuit son vif rebond pour la 2e séance d’affilée, soutenue par les valeurs technologiques et le secteur de la distribution, rassuré par les comptes meilleurs que prévu des grands magasins Macy’s et Nordstrom. La publication, mercredi, des “Minutes” de la dernière réunion de la Fed, n’a pas réservé … Read more

China and Russia will cost Nvidia millions

May 26, 2022 Today at 14:00 Nvidia’s outlook for the second quarter disappointed Wall Street expectations. The company fears supply chain problems in particular. War in Ukraine, lockdowns in China and high inflation. So many factors that will penalize Nvidia’s results , in the very near future. The world’s largest graphics card and AI chip … Read more

Comment nos données de santé sont exploitées – CNET France

Comment nos donnees de sante sont exploitees CNET France

C’est un fait : les recherches scientifiques font des progrès spectaculaires, et la médecine avec. Si bien que l’on se prend aujourd’hui à rêver d’un futur où nous pourrions nous pré-diagnostiquer, voire nous auto-diagnostiquer (à distance). Où nous pourrions aussi prédire des maladies graves des années avant leur apparition, et suivre des programmes personnalisés visant … Read more

China and Europe lead efforts to regulate AI – Reuters News in France and abroad

A robot plays the piano at the Apsara conference, a conference on cloud computing and artificial intelligence, in China on October 19, 2021. As China revamps its technology regulations, the European Union is developing its own regulatory framework to curb the AI ​​but has yet to cross the finish line. Str | AFP | Getty … Read more